Concinnity Magazine was created in honour of a stellar group of people…hundreds of lovely beings who got to know each other mostly through John de Ruiter…and who come from from all over the world, from diverse backgrounds and cultures. There are always new people arriving, unique visitors, new faces…coming and going…and so much to talk about in the “Jewel Cafe”.  The golden thread that binds everyone together is a ‘knowing’ response to an ancient calling…and deepest love for John (a true, realized being), and for each other, and all beings.

Heather Harmony O’Hara,
Creator and former Editor, 

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Note: “Concinnity” means harmony in the arrangement of all parts of a whole, with respect to each other and to the whole.  It is also described as a studied elegance and style of expression, particularly in a dialogue.  (John used the word several years ago as he spoke about “inner concinnity”  and “fine, stylized, concinnious walk within.”)


“Find any one of us and you find all of us”

- John de Ruiter