Ralph wrote an awesome book called: “WHAT’S NEXT…” in which he said:
All my experiences of a profound nature are not unique.  I’ve read many books and talked to many people who have had wonderful, eye-opening, life-changing experiences.  My experiences are not something special.  Meeting John de Ruiter is. 

I met Ralph about 11 years ago, while doing volunteer work at the Oasis Centre.  I always enjoyed chatting with this dear being (who left this world recently, September, 2018) I think of him often – the gentle man who had a twinkle in his eyes, a warm smile, and a great sense of humour.

It’s evident how much Ralph loved John de Ruiter, and it showed up in many ways such as the time Ralph went to Tel Aviv, Israel, at the age of 80, because John was offering a seminar there.  After he returned, I chatted with him in the café about his time in Israel.  I was surprised to hear that he hadn’t combined the trip with sight-seeing or any side trips, as most of the others had done.  He said with a happy grin: “I went for John.”  That conversation touched my heart because I could see how sincere he was…that he had  recognized a golden opportunity to be with John at a time when new pathways were being opened, and he was honoured to be part of it.

When I heard that Ralph was working on a book, at age 82, I thought it was very sweet and didn’t give it much more thought, until it was announced that he’d completed the book 6 years later.  I couldn’t wait to read it, and had the opportunity to purchase it at “The Magical Manifest” event that very night.

What a gift!  As well as getting to know more about Ralph, I felt like I was reconnecting with a kindred spirit that I’ve known forever. I enjoyed reading about his journey ‘HOME’…and how he eventually met John de Ruiter.  His writing style offers the reader a comfy chair to relax in, to listen to his wisdom…and laugh out loud along the way.

A quote from the book: “I remember John once asked me, “Do you know who you are?”  I responded, “I know who you are and that’s enough.” He said, “that’s not enough.  You have to know who you are.” 

Ralph describes what he discovered about his true nature, and adds: “We’re afraid to believe, to REALLY believe; afraid it would all be too wonderful”

For those who never met Ralph, you may be interested in reading about his life as a Rocket Scientist, and what happened after he met John.  For such a quiet, seemingly unassuming being, he spent his life studying, researching, engineering, designing…and becoming re-educated as many times as needed in order to keep working.  All that, and spending an equal amount of time digging deeper into the truth about life every step of the way.

This book is a gem, as was the author himself.  I know it will touch the hearts of many.  It was an honour to know the dear man who wrote it all down…for all of us…for everyone to ‘hear’.  Thank you Ralph.

The book is currently available at Amazon.com