Catherine Rose loves to make quilts…and if you get a chance to visit her beautiful design studio one day, she might playfully tell you that she’s discovered a “new way to work with patterns.”   Her enjoyment of quilting is very evident when she speaks about current projects and shows you some of her new, intricate designs.

In the photo above, we see a quilt that Catherine created for one of her granddaughters.  The title of this piece is “Juicy Fun”.  When I asked what inspires her, she simply said: “I enjoy working with all the different colours and textures…and coming up with unique ideas for patterns”.  She also said quilt-making helps her develop better focus, and nurtures her ability stay more in the present.

Some of her designs take on the form of elegant wall hangings, such as the one below, entitled: “Heart of the Forest.”  One of the things I love seeing in Catherine, is her delight in creating a special quilt and gifting it to someone close to her heart.

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I like Catherine’s suggestion of this type of article becoming a regular feature, where we can share a bit about who we are and what we like to do (to play!)