Heide Mueller Haas continues to enjoy the creation of beautiful mandalas, and Concinnity magazine is pleased to present this mini gallery of some of her masterpieces, along with a short bio.   If you would like to contact Heide to purchase her art or to get more information, you can do so at:  heide.muellerhaas@gmail.com

In the meantime, here’s what she has to say about her art:

“I started painting in Germany in 1964.  As a result of a twisted ankle, I re-discovered a passion for drawing that I had as a child.  When I moved to England in 1967, I was inspired by the beautiful, old trees in the parks and the whole landscape of England.

During the 1970′s, I lived in Jamaica with my husband and 2 children, and there began painting the beauty of the land and its people. The media I used was Oil and Water colour.  At that time  I was also introduced to Batik, which I loved, because it seemed like Magic.

In the early ’90′s a friend introduced me to the art of Mandalas, and when I later moved to Edmonton, I got much more involved with the creation of mandala art and sacred geometry. 

The dark, cold Alberta winters have me spending more time indoors, creating many sacred geometry mandalas which puts me in touch with the little and the bigger picture on this earth. It puts me in touch with something more than myself and connects me to a deeper space within, to nature and the universe as a whole.  Many of my mandalas are inspired by John de Ruiter.”

- Love Heide

2012-09-19 11.24.43

HEIDA mandala

HEIDE 4 Abundance