Judith Labelle is many things…delightful, intelligent, loving wife, teacher…and she’s also quite an accomplished artist.  Here’s what she had to share with Concinnity Magazine:

“I have been involved in the art world for approximately 30 years – as a student, instructor or practicing artist. During that time I’ve worked with people from a wide range of learning abilities and ages
My background in Philosophy and Fine Arts enabled me to move freely between art practice and art theory.  Although my own work is fairly traditional in content it’s not of a photographic nature.   My focus is on discovering the essence of a subject – the feelings, intonation and mood.
I work primarily with oil paint in subdued lighting using fingers and rags, palette knife and paint brushes. It’s the painting that guides me through to a place where a I feel a subtle, cellular hum coming from the image that tells me ‘all is well’ and the picture is finished.
In more recent years I ‘ve enjoyed working with digital images. The process is much the same: building layer upon layer creating subtle shifts of mood and tone. The end result of this process is such that it completely loses its digital feeling, opening up a visual freedom where the media does not dominate the content. Again, this is not a fast process for me, an image can take many months – and it’s the same quiet hum that communicates fullness and completion.”
You’re welcome to come and see my work.  Paintings and prints are available for purchase, and the prices range from $20 – $2,000.  (I’m open to arranging payment plans if necessary.)  Feel free to e-mail me at judithlabelle@hotmail.com with Art Viewing in the subject line.”