Artistic Photos


A few creative pic’s for you to enjoy: (The archway of greenery was taken in the Oasis Center gardens:) Photo Above: ”Open...

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Judith’s Art

Judith Labelle is many things…delightful, intelligent, loving wife, teacher…and she’s also quite an accomplished artist.  Here’s what she had to...

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Heide’s Beautiful Mandalas

Heide Mueller Haas continues to enjoy the creation of beautiful mandalas, and Concinnity magazine is pleased to present this mini...

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The journey through this world is both wondrous and complex, and I’m one who likes to write poems about it....

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Fire Dancing

Here is a link to a wonderful fiery performance of a Spanish dancer, from the famous Riverdance show.  I discovered...

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Vani’s Photo Gallery

There are many creative photographers among us, such as our dear Vani, who submitted these lovely photos to share with...

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Jewelry Designs by Noel

You may have noticed that a lot of folks in this awesome community own some of Noel’s beautiful textile creations…and...

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Catherine’s Patterns

Catherine Rose loves to make quilts…and if you get a chance to visit her beautiful design studio one day, she...

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