Nearly seventeen years after meeting John, I can now clearly see why it was necessary to let go of a life-long fascination with quantum physics, sacred geometry and extra-terrestrials.  Because humanity tends to live life from a small-mind perspective, any pre-conceived notions I had would offer little room for expansion. Recently, I began perusing the internet with the intention of finding out how the world-at-large is doing during these end times.  I enjoyed hearing from such notables as Gregg Braden, Dolores Cannon, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Brian Lipton, and Hira Hosen – all of whom are sharing some profound knowledge of what’s happening on the planet; though its being shared from a more self-based perspective…it provides stepping stones to other sites where deeper and deeper awakening can happen – such as John de Ruiter’s videos on you tube.

John is amazing for many reasons, particularly his ability to speak about the deep while living in it here in a pure and clean way.  As I listened to other masters on you tube, it was more than connecting with a speaker…it felt more like tuning into millions of people all over the world, perhaps more on the subtle levels.  One example of master teacher I discovered is Dolores Cannon, famous for her work as a past life regressionist and for her 17 published books containing messages from beings all over the galaxy.  I found her calm manner to be sweetly nurturing, as she spoke about ‘the calling’, the new Earth, ET’s that are here to help…and the tiny spark of pure consciousness that lives in all of us.

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