NOORISH: A very popular restaurant that many from the Oasis Edmonton community have been to.  Even John de Ruiter has been to Noorish – recently speaking there at a seminar attended by eighty people, most of whom were new to his teachings :)  

I’ve been to Noorish many times with friends and/or family members…enjoying special birthday luncheons or farewell dinners.  The staff are friendly and very knowledgeable about what they serve, and I find that it’s a place that’s wonderful just to walk into – offering a warm friendly Arabian-style decor. Located on 109 Street on the southside of Edmonton, the restaurant offers fabulous vegan-style food (whether you’re a fan of vegan recipes or not – and I’m not really – but the food is sooo delicious!)  There’s also a whole separate menu of juices and elixirs and… well, here – read this little write up from the website:

The Noorish Conscious Eatery features a menu that includes a variety of organic, local, raw, vegan and gluten-free options bursting with flavor and nutrition! The Elixir bar is designed to inspire a new way of getting high on life through our carefully crafted tonics, elixirs, fresh juices and organic teas, loaded with vitality! Live local musical talent will also be featured regularly to enhance the experience!

There now.  You can check out the website for more information…and, if you haven’t visited Noorish yet, don’t take my word for it…go try it out, particularly if you’re up for a truly heart-warming experience.  (Cheers!)


Upper Crust:

(Your reviews and comments are welcome if you’ve been to this restaurant.)



February Article (Credo Cafe):

It’s February, and with the ground being so icy that even the park trails are a challenge to navigate,  this is a stellar time for friends to meet up in local cafes to enjoy a chat and a latte…or chai tea…or perhaps even a fine meal.  If you’re new to Edmonton, or if you’re interested in going to places that you haven’t been to yet, Concinnity has created this weekly column to help you discover new ground to explore.

CREDO CAFE:  I’d only just discovered Credo this past December, a lovely coffee cafe on 124 Street that my friend Kirsty invited me to.  It had become her favourite meeting place and I was about to find out why.

It was a particularly frigid December morning when I ventured out to find Credo and though I had an idea of where it was located, traffic was busy and I had difficulty seeing address numbers on the buildings, due to heavy snowfall.  After looking for quite some time to find a parking spot, I found one several blocks from the cafe, and then ventured off towards my destination.

Totally covered head-to-toe in snow, I entered the cafe and allowed the warmth and coffee aroma to totally have me.  Kirsty saw me and came over to offer a hug and insisted on paying for my order. We chatted and watched our server create a ‘coffee masterpiece’ – finishing off with a perfect heart-shape in the centre of the cup.

Kirsty tried to convince me to treat myself to a pastry but I was still full from breakfast so I declined the offer.  For me, the drink was a dessert in itself.  For one who can be quite fussy about coffee at times, the only comment I could come up with was that this one was perfect in every way.

All in all, the ambiance, the good company, the friendly service and the contented crowd that filled Credo cafe, caused me to fully enjoy myself.  I look forward to going again one day soon, and this time trying one of their desserts  – which I hear are awesome.

For your information, Credo has two locations.  I went to the one where you go down some stairs into an underground mini heaven :)   If I was asked to rate my experience, I’d give it five stars.  Here’s a link to their website:

credo photo