Sarah Barrett continues to bring Speaking Circles® to Edmonton and to our community as a Certified Facilitator of this simple, profound form. It was designed by Lee Glickstein as a response to years of unremitting stage fright. Whilst few of us ever need to venture on stage, most of us speak in front of one or more people in our day and can find that subtly stressful. Speaking Circles® offer a way to move past our conditioning, to open deeply in relationship and speak from a space of intimacy of being. They offer a safe place to be completely vulnerable in front of others and speak … if words arise. Here’s what one participant shared after an introductory workshop:
 ”It’s a healing work, and touched me deeply.  Anxiety, the need to perform, be clever, say the right thing – all of it melted into the kind space of acceptance held by the audience and facilitator. My heart opened, reached out, connected, and to my surprise instead of nervousness a sweet joy filled me. My mouth opened: I spoke and I was received. It didn’t even really matter what I said. My presence was enough. I was seen – and loved it!”
You can contact Sarah at: to find out more, or book a session.