This evening I stepped outside to go for a walk, and was delightfully surprised at how mild it was…and suddenly felst so refreshed from head to feet…cool, night air passing through my nostrils…wisps of wind-ruffled hair tickling my cheeks, as I walked along streets wet with recent snow melt.  Spring is in the air!




Past Issues:

2016: No matter how many times I witness the arrival of spring, it’s always magical and new.  And, speaking of ‘new’…what’s new with you these days?  ‘Anything you’d like to share within the pages of this e-zine?  Perhaps you have some thoughts about the awakening of nature, or the return of geese?  Maybe you’ve been inspired to write a poem or paint a picture.  Whatever it may be, please know that it’s always nice to hear from you and share whatever you may have to offer.

Happy Spring!

- Heather Harmony O’Hara