Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy involves the use of the sun’s full spectrum electro-magnetic energy to support healing.

This gentle, effective modality is used in various forms: coloured light, home decor, psychiatric diagnosis/treatment, etc.

To find out more please contact:

Heather Harmony O’Hara
Certified Colour Therapist & Consultant
Call or Text: 780-235-3226

Author: Helen Hamilton

“My life of exploration has led me to explore many areas. Each new discovery or topic of interest has captured my attention and led me through many pathways of growth and change.”

Helen Hamilton:
Author of: “Square Peg, Square Hole…”

Advertising Space

For information about how to become part of the directory, and other advertising details, send us an e-mail in the “Contact Us” section. We’re happy to help your business or service become better known, through ads, listings or articles.

Truly Speaking

Speaking Circles with Sarah

Sarah Barrett, Certified Facilitator
Call: 780-266-8912

Gauthier Accounting

Small Business Accounting Specialist

Radhika Gauthier

Our professional service includes:
Year-end financial statements,
Corporate and personal tax returns

We look forward to hearing from you!

Call: 780-920-0015

Sunshine Junk Removal…

Offering: junk removal, small moves & deliveries

Skyler Van Heukelom,
Sunshine Junk Removal & Small Moves
Call: 780-977-9678


Noel’s Artistic Creations

Noel Michelson, Jewelry Design

Call: 780-221-3126


You in Focus Products

Dr. Jentschura’s Alkaline Cure: A complete program to improve your health and wellness, via cleansing, purification and regeneration.

Stephan Wilmes, Distributor
Call: 780-994-2612

Somatic Works Ltd.

Rolfing & Body Psychology

Don Bruce, Certified RolferĀ®
Body Psychology Practitioner
Call: 780-432-1607

Psychotherapy & Counselling

Everyone does better when they get help to unblock emotional problems, find fulfillment and accept themselves as they truly are.

Jerry Rothenberg
Psychotherapist/Counsellor since 1972

Call: 780-486-9669

“Homes & Garden”

I offer you over nine years of experience as a real estate agent, and sales of residential and commercial properties, including family homes, building lots and ‘deal finders’.
Customer service is the key!

Rachel Shabi

Runners Crafted Bikes

Offering sweet first-wheelers for little people age 2 – 5. These wooden & aluminum balance bikes are excellent for motor & balancing skills, making the transfer to a real bike happen without any falls and scrapes.

Stephan Wilmes:
Call: 780-483-5407

Expressive Arts

World Arts Organization

Markus Alexander, Expressive Arts Therapist/Workshop Facilitator
Call: 780-439-9700

Family Counselling

Marriage & Family Therapy, Certified Counselor, Family Constellations facilitator.

Rita Martino, MSc
Call:780-250-6615 / 780-695-1345

Holistic Life & Business Coaching

Similar to successful sports coaching…we love to assist you in achieving your individual goals!

Stephan Wilmes, Holistic Life Coach
Call: 780-483-5407