You can’t really build a different world until you have built a different self.“   

The old conditioned ways are fast-changing, making way for something real and new to take root.  In John its easy to see the Absolute shining through.  It seems to have a place to land everywhere in him…as he lives life with ease and openness, inviting all life to come in; as I now understand it, that ‘coming in’ offers the sweetest love and nurturing to purity within everything and everyone, causing change to happen on the deepest levels.  John stated, not long ago:

Nothing matters as much as you dwelling within the depth of your interior.  All of the energy that you put into your self, your interests and your life belongs to the depth of your interior.  That ends the illusion within your interests. Your life and your interests are as fragile as your health. Your deep interior isn’t. 

John has referred to seminar meetings as “a kind continuum of meeting and communing”.  As hundreds gather together for seminars meetings, special events and regular week-end meetings, the cohesiveness nurtures the bond between everyone, and love continues to blossom.  This, I believe, is the way to building a new self.  The unreal doesn’t stand a chance during these long stretches of meeting and communing, and eventually…the old, conditioned ways become more right-side up.