If you’re new here, and spending time in Edmonton during the ‘summer break’…here are some ideas of what you can enjoy, particularly if you like spending time in nature:

Hiking or Cycling to the Fort Edmonton Park Bridge

There are a few ways of hiking or cycling the trails that lead to this exquisite landmark, and there’s a lovely small island and sandbar (with warm, shallow water to wade in), just to the right side of the bridge as you head towards Fort Edmonton.  If you’re in the Callingwood area, or near Wolf Willow Creek, you’re in pretty close proxmity to the this area.

Fort Edmonton Bridge


Google Maps offers detailed directions to help you plan the particular route you’d like to take.  One piece of information I’d like to share: be prepared for hills and/or very long staircases.  I decided to walk my bike down a very long incline when I followed the route off Wyandi Road (mainly because my city bike didn’t have rugged enough tires to manage the hill without slipping and sliding on the gravel path).  It was still an awesome journey for me, and I rode across the bridge, all the way to Fort Edmonton park where I sat under a tree and enjoyed a picnic lunch.  There’s a nature center in the park that offers free admission, interesting info and washrooms:)

Landmarks and Places to Visit

Exterior Muttart

The Muttart Conservatory, Edmonton’s premier horticultural attraction, is nestled in the river valley and features more than 700 species of plants in 3 climate-regulated biomes: aridtemperate and tropical - and a feature biome, located within our pyramids.  There’s also a newer addition to the the pyramids:  “Have you ever wondered what life would be like as a Hobbit? Take a journey to Middle Earth [in our Hobbit pyramid] and experience a part of J.R.R Tolkien’s imagination. Visitors can expect to see part of the Shire, Smaug the Dragon and more.”

Hobbit home at Muttart