Oftentimes when someone dialogues with John during a meeting, an opportunity arises for us to recognize filters and boundaries – likely related to past trauma, that may be inhibiting our full response to truth.  During meetings with John, many of us are aware that something happens on deeper levels within, and it’s not uncommon for any one of us to notice that a really good shift is taking place within.

At one particular meeting recently, John responded to a question about past trauma this way: “Your response is eclipsed by misunderstanding. Your openness is not.  You need not listen to your perception of your wrong-doing in your self.”

Without needing to replay my ‘story’ again, I realized how misconceptions can easily be carried forward without us noticing what we’re doing.  John has referred to that as an investment – something we’ve brought into form as awareness to re-experience again and again.  An example of that might be the way we play the role of the victim.

At one point in that meeting, a calmness moved all through my body and I heard John say: “What you went through in your past is fine. Were it not for your openness, you wouldn’t have been in the circumstance.”   I noticed an instant connection to the child-like innocence in me, a space where everything is totally okay, even when the outside world is stormy.

I see more clearly these days how old beliefs can create stumbling blocks.  For instance, if I believe I’m not worth much because I did something wrong and I continue to feed that belief, it could gather momentum and then become a barrier or filter to truth.  That’s why these words from the master are so helpful: “You were neither wrong nor bad; you were open.  Stay in that openness in the midst of your past and you’ll see your past differently.  As you see differently, your past will not determine your future.”

Ah yes…we do often and unwittingly create a future based on experiences from the past.  However it’s good to see that, from within the goldeness of an open and soft heart, we create a different future that beautifully serves the whole. 

Warmly Yours,
Heather Harmony O’Hara