“The Soul of Money” (Reclaiming the Wealth of our Inner Resources) by Lynn Twist, is one of the books on the Gift of Wealth Foundation’s suggested reading list.  I found it to be packed full of wonderful insights, not just about our relationships with money, but about the real purpose of community: how every member of a community has at least one valuable resource to share, and how collectively those resources support each individual as well as the whole community.

As I read the first paragraph of the introduction, I got a glimpse of what the contents offered, and I knew I was about to dive deeply into the truth about my own relationship with money:

“…it is really about our own soul and how and why we often eclipse it, dismiss it, or compromise it in our relationship with money: the way we get money, use money, give money, or sometimes just try to avoid thinking about money… It is about awakening and using the unexamined portal of our relationship with money to deliver a widespread transformation in all aspects of our life.

The book is beautifully written, filled with stories of the author’s travels abroad to remote villages and communities where the people consistently touched her heart with their love and care of each other; their values always pointing to the fact that money is only one small part of abundance.

I found that so much of what this book speaks about, relates to all of us in the ‘John de Ruiter community”.  We are a unique, diverse group of individuals from so many different countries and backgrounds, offering each other loving care and nurturing; we are a large group of dear-hearted people whose ‘inner wealth’ has become quite visible.

This statement was one that linked my heart to all of us: “In the context of sufficiency, appreciation becomes a powerful, intentional practice of creating new value through our deliberate attention to the value of what we already have.  Our attention enlarges and enriches our experience of whatever is before us.”

It became apparent to me as I read this book, that I was engaged in an on-going process of unravelling old beliefs about money. As much as I was enjoying the book, I would set it down for days or weeks at a time, sometimes nearly forgetting about it; then when I was ready to resume reading, I’d be fully absorbed again.  It also became apparent that for me, as John has so beautifully pointed out: the flow of  money in my life belongs to truth.  No matter how many times I may stray from that knowing, it lives in my heart.

When you let your money move to things you care about, your life lights up.  That’s really what money is for.”

There’s more I could share here about how this book affected me and touched on my old beliefs about money…and I’m still referencing it and letting it sink in deeper, but you might like to read it too so I’ll let you make your own discoveries.  I would like to leave you with these few quotes from the book:

Money is like water.  It can be a conduit for committment, a currency of love

What we appreciate, appreciates

“Let your soul inform your money, and your money express your soul.”


Note: “The Soul of Money” is available at Chapters and online at Amazon.com
Lynn’s website address is: http://www.lynnetwist.com/