How I ever ended up here in Edmonton with no idea who John de Ruiter is, well it all remains a mystery to me. Yet it happened and shortly after my arrival here I found work and a good home with a couple named Susan and Richard who had a wheatgrass growing business.  They had come to Edmonton from Vancouver to be closer to John and had photos of him everywhere in their house, along with a whole library of tapes of John’s dialogues. When they invited me to rent a room in their house and offered me a job, I said “yes” to both.

My first meeting with John happened in early March, 2003…just before my 50th birthday. John never spoke during that meeting, but I was deeply touched by his heart…which radiated love while filling every heart in the room. I remember feeling as if we were all immersed in an ocean of love. I could see soft waves of light energy all around me…gradually merging with the shapes and forms of the people in the room.

After that, as well as attending meetings, I began listening to the taped dialogues day after day while I planted wheatgrass seeds and maintained crops. It was exciting for me to really know in my heart that what he was saying was true, and as I worked and listened to tapes, I also got to speak with others in the ‘John community’ who came to buy wheatgrass and sprouts.  My son Joel started working part-time at the Wheatgrass business too, and he ended up going to one of the meetings with John…which eventually lead to a full-time job for him at Oasis Center (where he’s still employed, as an A/V technician:)

Back then I wouldn’t have believed I would actually settle down in Edmonton, since I was a compulsive wanderer, but I did decide to stay, and that was the beginning of a very deep and extraordinary journey…one that helped me to open my heart and fall into love with life again. I learned how to move through difficulty with more ease (“ease of being” as John put it), and I gradually awakened more to what was actually occurring at the Oasis Centre, getting a sense of how deeply it touched everything.

That all happened way back in 2003, and so much is different now.  I’m retired now, and enjoying my lovely apartment, way above the treetops near the Edmonton River Valley trails.  Joel has been married for many years now, to a lovely young woman who came from the Netherlands to be closer to John.  (And, just before I finish this wee update, the other change is that his e-zine is finished now.  With a global pandemic in full swing, there’s no more Oasis College meetings …no more travelling for John, and we are all just being quiet at home for now – with the opportunity to connect with John online a few times a week.  (Experts are saying that things are going to continue to get worse, and maybe by the end of 2020 things will level out again.)


Love to All.

Heather Harmony O’Hara