Expressive Arts combines several different art modalities to help individuals and groups connect with their core – and then come from that, in the outer world.”  

                                                                                                              – Markus Alexander

Markus Alexander, dear friend and Expressive Arts Teacher, helped me open and soften to the innate ability to create from my innermost. The painting you see, is the exquisite outcome of a whole series creative works…evolutionary steps – involving singing, dancing and writing poetry…all leading to the sum total in the form of acrylic on canvas.

As well as being a great teacher of Expressive Arts, Markus knows how to bring a smile to a face…a voice to heart-song…a pair of hands to a blank canvas…and a whole group of willing participants to a dance that’s waiting to be danced.

Many in our community have had the pleasure of attending his theatre and dance classes over the years, as well as his workshops at the university.  A large portion of the community have also enjoyed one-on-one sessions with Markus that have helped loosen old stuck energy, and initiate a flow of creativity that allows more authenticity to live.

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