At the November 2015 retreat in Natanya, Israel, John spoke about ‘waves of energy’ pouring into this world from higher realms and dimensions which is causing awakening to happen here:  “Your unconditional response to your awakening brings you right into that change.  You become, in your life, a manifestation of reality shifting and changing.”  He said that by holding hands with the awakening, one can then move as part of the wave, and that then creates surface waves.

“With all these waves of goodness and truth, reality changes.”

John also talked about the calling with regard to what is happening now:  “Where the calling is awakened to, any connectivity between two or more people, based on the level of the being, creates new space within the self for what is greater-than-reality to come in and have form.”

I had the pleasure of sitting in the meeting hall at the Oasis College (in Edmonton) and watching a live broadcast of the second Israel meeting.  The connection between John and a young Israeli man was beautifully deep and intense, and with it came the message that we are at the beginning of a ‘oneness’ on this planet that is coming in, in full form.

There are VOD’s available online of those profound and informative Israeli meetings.  Visit for further info about the meetings and how to view them online.