“Find any one of us and you find all of us”

- John de Ruiter

The site has been overhauled and has re-emerged!  Feel free to explore articles, businesses, art and more…

How Concinnity Came into Form

A couple of years ago, there was a discussion amongst a group of helpers in the Oasis Center gardens about creating a communique that would offer info about people who helped build a community centered around the teachings of John de Ruiter. It included the possibility of business contact information, so people could find out who-does-what within the community. It could also feature articles and stories related to this awesome journey with John.

My son, Joel Porter offered to set up a basic website to get the project in motion, and then we had insightful meetings with people such as Adair Hobson, Johannes Walker…and some very helpful feedback from others in the community who expressed an interest in what we were doing.

We used “Weebly.com” initially, to set things up…because it was basic, easy-to-use and free of charge.  Then, as time passed, a friend offered to give it a more professional edge…changing it to “WordPress” and generously giving it many hours of his valuable time.  That brought it into the form you now see.  (It has stretched me in many ways…by the way… and thanks to my friend I’ve learned a lot, and still have much to learn.  I now have Joel on stand-by for the times  I get stuck…which helps immensely.)

The John de Ruiter community is cordially invited to submit any of the following to Concinnity: information for the COMMUNITY DIRECTORY… photos of artwork…poetry…short stories…and advertising. Just send an e-mail, and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss your interest further.

Please peruse the main navigation buttons  at the top of the page to get a better idea of what the whole magazine is about.

(Note: You’ll see a bit of repetition as you navigate…and we hope that will encourage you to send us your submission to help remedy that!)