Things seem to be moving so quickly these days.  I clearly remember dancing my way into the twenty first century one new year’s eve, not long ago…oh, wait a minute…that was seventeen years ago!!  Fast forward to 2017 and one more grand celebration at the Oasis College of Integrated Philosophy…asking the question: “Where will you be a thousand years from now?”

NYE dancing

Costumes were based on people’s ideas about what that might look like, offering some awesome and rather unusual looking ideas…and many happy beings who partied the night away.

At this particular event, there were some very inspiring song and dance presentations, including a delightful children’s group, a tribe of women in feathered outfits…and a large band of youthful warriors;  Each group managed to wow the crowd with their electrifying performances.

The following evening, as we planted our feet in 2017, the winter seminar meetings and informal gatherings continued on.  The dialogues included many topics, the common thread being how everything is truly about “the bigger picture.”  You may want to  check out John’s website for details about VOD’s, podcasts and recorded dialogues from the seminar.  The following link will take you to a page on John’s website where the four MP3′s from the winter seminar are available for sale/download:


Love from Heather Harmony O’Hara
Editor, Concinnity Magazine


As Winter Unfolds“  (From November 10, 2016)

After after a few weeks of unseasonably mild weather, we have now been snowed upon and touched by the icy winds of winter – and though that may affect us all in various ways…there’s so much more going on it’s hard to put it all into words.

When John was in Germany – at a five-day retreat where all were tenderly immersed in greater depths of soul, he gradually offered more insight into what’s happening currently with all of us and, with regard to soul, he said to someone:  “It’s your response to what you know, to a level of soul that you haven’t come into yet. It’s your invitation to a much deeper level of your soul than what you have come from yet.”

I had the opportunity to watch several of the live broadcasts and am now looking forward to re-viewing some of them via Video on Demand.  Here are a few more quotes from John (also found on the John de Ruiter website in the list of VOD’s available from the event):

“The more that we evolve, the more that everything else  can evolve.”

“As you are unconditionally opening within any circumstance in your life, everything in your life will address an energy center. In that way, as you unconditionally open, all of your energy centers open bit by bit. That gives you your light body.”

“Opening is something that you know. It’s what you enjoy. It’s what you love. The way to open isn’t by trying anything, using anything. It works like innocence works. Innocence freely likes. It isn’t the kind of liking that has an opposite. It’s pure.”

Love to you,
- Heather Harmony O’Hara