WINTER has fully arrived, complete with a thick blanket of pure white snow, frosty windows…and possibilities of cozy warm nights by the fire…(or, perhaps just a vision of a warm fire is good enough!) For me, the winter brings quietude, long walks in the river valley, contemplation…and for many of us here in Edmonton and abroad, the annual winter seminar at Oasis College of Integrated Philosophy. Time to expand into deeper depths of love, truth, peace, joy…and authenticity.  Connection, true communion, and immersion into the black…as the light…becoming more of IT…on the way home…as what we truly are.  (Yes…there’s all that too!)

The usual/unusual Oasis New Year’s party was awesome, and John surprised everyone by sharing his artistic skills and speaking about what each piece means (to two very happy door prize winners:)  This year’s theme “The Black and The White” offered an invitation to be creative with clothing – all black…all white…or some of each.  It turned out to be quite an interesting fashion show…and a magical night for all.

HAPPY NEW YEAR.  I wish you a wonder-filled 2020!

Love and blessings to All.

winter scene



Autumn offers the bluest skies, fiery coloured leaves on trees, cool refreshing winds…and of course another stellar seminar at the Oasis College of Integrated Philosophy.  It’s November 3rd, 2019 as I write this, and there’s no more leaves on trees, though this past week has been nicely mild and wonderful for walking by the river, along forest trails; its also the end of one of John’s most recent retreats in Israel.  If you had a chance to see any of the live-streams of the event, you’ll already know that it was profoundly unusual…delightful… and very forward-moving on many levels.  There’s a free live stream on youtube that I highly recommend for your viewing…as well as several VOD’s available through John’s TV site:

JdR QuoteI trust you’ll enjoy these last few weeks of fall, as we drift into the wintery months – filled with lots of Oasis College events including a 14 day winter seminar, movie nights…and more live streams early in the new year, from India.

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Heather Harmony O’Hara




ARCHIVES (September, 2019):

Summer Days…and Autumn on the Way

Here in Edmonton, Alberta, according to me, we’ve been having a Camelot sort of summer…night time thunderstorms…daytime sunshine…and so much greenery everywhere…gardens growing tall and nearly wild!  (Lovely!) The 2019 summer seminar wth John de Ruiter was exceptionally transformational and many of the VOD’s are currently available on JdR TV.  After the usual six-week hiatus, Oasis College meetings re-convened in mid-August and shortly after, about 400 people went camping with John and attended a six-day retreat in the beautiful Rocky Mountains near Nordegg.

Over the last few months there’ve been many nights I sat at the living room window (top floor of a five-story apartment building) in awe of massive displays of ‘sheet’ lightening and fork lightning that lit up the sky…each one followed by thunderous rumbles and sharp crackling sounds that seemed to electrify the city:) In perfect harmony with all the magical things going on because of John, these splendid light shows and electric sounds seemed perfectly synchronistic (wouldn’t you agree?)

I had a chance to experience some of Edmonton’s annual summer festivals and events that went ahead regardless of the weather.  I helped out at “Art Walk” in the Strathcona district…three days of crowded streets where local artists and visitors shared stories and original masterpieces.


Devonian Gardens 2019

Heritage festival, August 3rd – 5th included lots of sunshine for three fabulous days; a visit to the Devonian Gardens in late July was exquisite…and despite the rain, Edmonton’s annual folk fest still had thousands of people show up to enjoy some of the world’s top entertainers.

My regular walks along river valley trails were all enjoyed during warm, sunny periods, and those walks were no less enjoyable when it was overcast or rainy.

Before I bring this to a close, it would seem fair to offer at least one rainy day photo, and so I’ve chosen the one below (cool photo taken by a local amateur photographer).

Here’s wishing you a wonderful day, an enjoyable rest-of-the-summer, and an open-hearted welcome to autumn – whatever the weather may have to offer.

Heather Harmony O’Hara
Editor, Concinnity Magazine


rainbow 2019

Archives: April, 2019

It’s here.  It landed!  Spring 2019 made it all the way to Edmonton, and we all know what that means:  warm sunshine…birds twittering (or honking, as the geese do…), buds appearing on branches…rainfall…and mmmm…sweet, fresh air!  

Another winter camping trip with John gets underway tomorrow (April 12th)…a group of forty participants I’m told, and though the weather has warmed rying tup somewhat, it’s still hovering around the freezing point at night – at least where the group will be staying.  The camping trip will lead us into the spring seminar at the Oasis College of Integrated Philosophy, where a sweet metamorphosis continues.  The beautiful Oasis gardens will be ready for enjoying, sitting in the sunshine…walking pathways.  (Who knows? We might even see a bunny or two!)  Love to you:)







Archives: November, 2018

The snow is falling in Edmonton and I’m enjoying every little bit that softly dances past my window.  As with most things, my response to winter’s arrival is unusually different these days…or perhaps it’s the way I remember it as a child.  I noticed that when I stepped outside to go for a walk today…the icy wind stung my cheeks, which was surprisingly refreshing…not like the old days when such things seemed like nothing more than a big inconvenience.

The winter weather in Edmonton has been quite mild this time.  Though snow appeared in mid September, there have been long stretches of sunshine and warmer temperatures…all the way here, January 20th, 2019.  That stated, what it means to me is: more long walks by the river; enjoying sunshine streaming through the windows in the morning…and stopping to hear chickadees singing in the trees (massive flocks of them…hiding in pine trees…singing as a choir).

Take care you dear sweethearts, and I’ll look forward to offering more updates in the new year.

Love Heather Harmony O’Hara
Creator/Editor, Concinnity Magazine


Message from September, 2018

Someone asked me about this magazine endeavour recently and after I gave her an update, I realized that it might be helpful to let others know the status of things too.

A Bit of Background: In 2009 I teamed up with a friend who shared my enthusiasm to create a newsletter-type web page for people in the Oasis Edmonton community.  A few months into the project however, my friend had to step aside due to increasingly busy work schedules.  I continued on with “Concinnity” by meeting regularly with a few interested people…sharing ideas and gradually creating a simple Weebly website.  Along the way, and with the volunteer help of a wonderful web designer…and my dear son, Concinnity has transformed into the site you see today.

Currently: This lovely creation continues to be a source of information for those awake and aware ones who aren’t too sure what the next step may be.  (If that might be you, you may want to consider visiting the Oasis Centre and meeting with John de Ruiter.  I found my first visit to be both unusual and deeply profound, and each consecutive visit, the same.)  I’ve added new pictures and articles with the changing of each season, and I continue to invite submissions from any who are interested – poets and artists alike.  

Love from
Heather Harmony.