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An Awakening World

Nearly sixteen years after meeting John, I clearly see why it was necessary (for awhile at least) to set aside...

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Artistic Photos


Many of us enjoy sharing photographs captured during special events (which are often posted on facebook).   If you have...

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The journey through this world is both wondrous and complex, and I’m one who likes to write poems about it....

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Interesting Tid Bits

Rob Brezsny: I enjoyed reading Rob’s syndicated astrology column “Free Will Astrology” during the many years I lived in Toronto,...

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The Colours of Love

Sweet & Colourful Change This is just a wee acknowledgement of the changing of the seasons.  At the Oasis College...

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Edmonton River Valley

If you’re new here, and spending time in Edmonton during the ‘summer break’…here are some ideas of what you can...

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Fire Dancing

Here is a link to a wonderful fiery performance of a Spanish dancer, from the famous Riverdance show.  I discovered...

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A Thousand Years from Now

Things seem to be moving so quickly these days.  I clearly remember dancing my way into the twenty first century...

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“All Given to Love”

A lovely message from Andrea. All Given to Love Nothing has any meaning, Until it is given to love.  There...

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True Love

“You need no reward in being what love is.  When you are what love is, you’re not needing its return. ...

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